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Former Texas personal assistant accused of white collar crimes

A Texas newspaper recently ran an extensive article on a man the paper claims "has a taste for the finer things in life." One former friend says the man is "a con artist" who made off with $10,000.

The former friend's allegation pales in comparison to allegations made by his former employers - Frisco business owners - who say John Wright Martin, who worked as a personal assistant for them, stole millions of dollars. Theft and forgery charges were filed against 33-year-old Martin last year in Collin County.

The couple claims their former assistant made a wide variety of purchases for himself with their money, including designer clothes (Gucci, Berluti, Givenchy, Sacai, Valentino and others), airfare, hotel stays, jewelry and electronics.

Frisco police allege that Martin forged one of his former employer's names on checks totaling more than $73,000 from her restaurant and personal account.

Martin also allegedly gave large amounts ($10,000 and $50,000) to charities using his employers' money, law enforcement officials said.

Two years ago, the couple were notified that they didn't have enough in their account to make payroll. They contacted Martin, who had left their employ to pursue a career in interior design. He reportedly said there had been a mix-up with bank accounts and promised to repay them.

In March of last year, he signed an agreement to repay $780,000.

According to the couple, the sum turned out to be too small. They told the newspaper that "we keep finding stuff." The more accurate assessment of their losses, they say, is nearly $3 million.

It's impossible to know if the allegations are accurate or not. Police say they no longer know where the suspect is living. So right now there is no other side of the story to share.

Those who face white collar charges can protect their freedom and rights with the help of a criminal defense legal team that understands how to analyze evidence, including accounting data, bank records and more.

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