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October 2018 Archives

It may be possible to challenge the validity of a signed warrant

Most Texans may understand that members of law enforcement generally need to have a warrant to enter a home to search for evidence of a potential crime. Our homes are sanctuaries that receive strong constitutional protection under the warrant requirement. Law enforcement often works to obtain a warrant to search homes for potential evidence of a crime. It is important to note, however, that the existence of a signed search warrant is not necessarily the final word on the reasonableness of the search.

Two who worked for ex-NFLer turned doctor charged in fraud scheme

A Texas native was drafted by the NFL’s Buffalo Bills as a defensive end out of Baylor University back in 1976. Though Leslie Benson later wound up with the Dallas Cowboys, his pro football career was so unremarkable that the NFL's website says there are no career statistics for him.

How dangerous are Texas highways?

Motor vehicle accidents can occur on any road, in parking lots or any other location where people travel in vehicles. There is a common maxim that the majority of car accidents occur within a few blocks of the homes of victims. While wrecks may occur in many places, there are some roadways that are statistically more dangerous than others.

Texas school bus crash; 1 student killed, others injured

It is every parent's nightmare. Their child, who they thought was safely in the care of other adults, has been taken away forever. The nightmare has become all too real for the Texas parents of a middle school student killed when a school bus rolled on its side and then caught fire.

Former Texas personal assistant accused of white collar crimes

A Texas newspaper recently ran an extensive article on a man the paper claims "has a taste for the finer things in life." One former friend says the man is "a con artist" who made off with $10,000.