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Houston police conduct bank sting operation

The Chronicle reports that the Houston police officers recently conducted a sting operation outside of a bank. The paper says that police used a bait car and a visible bag containing money in an attempt to ensnare people believed to be running a bank jugging scheme.

Two people were arrested on charges of engaging in organized crime, burglary of a vehicle and evading arrest.

So what is bank jugging? According to law enforcement, people involved will sit in cars outside of a bank and watch who goes into the building carrying bank bags, bank envelopes and coin boxes. The "juggers" then follow the bank customer out of the bank and back to their business.

If the customers leave their bag, envelope or box unattended, the "juggers" swoop in and take it. If the money is not left unattended, sometimes the "juggers" will take the money by force, police say.

According to the Chronicle, undercover officers spotted a car with tinted windows outside of the front entrance of a Houston bank. The driver moved and parked the vehicle repeatedly, which police say they found suspicious.

A plainclothes officer went into the bank and emerged a few minutes later with a bag containing $2,500 in cash. He drove off in an unmarked car, which the suspects apparently followed to a sports store where the officer went inside.

After the officer was inside the store, one of the men allegedly broke a window in the unmarked vehicle. The Chronicle reported that the two men were then apprehended.

Those in similar circumstances should contact a criminal defense attorney before talking to investigators or prosecutors.

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