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Disturbing results from distracted driving poll

Who is more likely to drive while distracted: older residents of Houston or younger ones? The answer, according to a recent Harris poll, lies somewhere in between. As it turns out, members of Generation X are the most likely to use their phones while behind the wheel - even more than younger generations (Millennials and Generation Z).

Regardless of age, driving while distracted dramatically increases the risks of causing an automobile crash, injuries and possibly fatalities.

No matter which age group is evaluated, far too Americans are driving and paying attention to their phones. According to the poll, a whopping 71 percent of drivers admit to driving while distracted.

It is perhaps ironic that a huge majority (89 percent) agree that better education is needed on the dangers of distracted driving and that automakers should do more to minimize distractions (81 percent).

More than half of those surveyed say that the top threat to road safety today is distracted driving (55 percent). Only 31 percent said that impaired drivers are still the most dangerous drivers.

Another disturbing bit from the Harris survey: parents are more likely to drive distracted than non-parents: 73 percent of parents admit to distracted driving, compared to 66 percent. A third of parents told pollsters that they even use their phones while their children are in their vehicles with them.

About one third of drivers say they put their phones in "do not disturb" mode before getting behind the wheel; and another third say that they drive in silence to keep distractions to a minimum.

The vast majority (93 percent) of those who use their phones while driving do so to talk, but 60 percent say they text while driving and check notifications (56 percent). Perhaps unbelievably, 22 percent say they engage in video chat while driving.

if you or a loved one has been injured in a crash caused by a distracted driver, contact a personal injury lawyer before speaking to an insurance company.


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