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September 2018 Archives

When federal investigators come knocking

Before federal prosecutors hand down an indictment, investigators often contact a person who is under suspicion of a federal crime. FBI agents or other federal officials, such as agents from the IRS Criminal Investigations Division, regularly seek statements from potential witnesses and individuals who are suspected of a federal offense. There are a variety of ways federal investigators may reach out to a suspect, including in person, over the phone or via subpoena.

Risk of serious motorcycle injuries increase with age

Motorcycle enthusiasts include riders in any age group. Getting in the wind on a motorcycle to commute to work, enjoy the open road in times of leisure, or for basic transportation continue to be economical and enjoyable reasons many Texans choose to ride. At any age, riders are vulnerable to serious injuries in a crash. The average age of motorcycle riders has increased in the past two decades.

Texas man indicted on federal drug trafficking charges

A 43-year-old Texas man arrested last month after law enforcement officials seized nearly four pounds of methamphetamine has been indicted by federal grand jurors. The Lubbock resident has been indicted for possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of meth and possession of a firearm while committing a drug trafficking crime. He's also accused of being a convicted felon in possession of a gun, according to a news report.

Houston police conduct bank sting operation

The Chronicle reports that the Houston police officers recently conducted a sting operation outside of a bank. The paper says that police used a bait car and a visible bag containing money in an attempt to ensnare people believed to be running a bank jugging scheme.

Assessing and improving commercial truck safety

Every day, dozens of loaded tractor-trailers haul goods in and out of Houston. Most of the excursions are carried off without a hitch, of course, but sometimes truckers make mistakes that result in crashes that often include severe injuries or fatalities.

Disturbing results from distracted driving poll

Who is more likely to drive while distracted: older residents of Houston or younger ones? The answer, according to a recent Harris poll, lies somewhere in between. As it turns out, members of Generation X are the most likely to use their phones while behind the wheel - even more than younger generations (Millennials and Generation Z).