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Former Houston Texan facing fraud charges

As a Houston Texan, Marlon McCree scored his first career touchdown on a 95-yard interception return against the Tennessee Titans. Perhaps the most memorable play in the safety’s long NFL career was as a San Diego Charger, when he intercepted New England quarterback Tom Brady in a 2006 playoff game. Unfortunately for McCree and the Chargers, he fumbled the ball and the Patriots recovered.

However, his playing days wound down in 2009. These days McCree is accused of health care fraud totaling nearly $78,000.

He’s accused of submitting fraudulent doctor's certificates and letters to a health reimbursement fund, according to Florida’s Chief Financial Officer.

The financial official said that Cigna Insurance reported $77,950.28 worth of claim submissions made by McCree to his HRA account. He had been paid more than $31,000 by Cigna before the allegedly fraudulent activity was uncovered.

The state is accusing McCree of creating fake invoices from a Jacksonville, Florida, dental clinic. According to law enforcement, the clinic’s records do not show that McCree has ever been a patient there.

The Florida financial officer said “insurance fraud is not a victimless crime”; it costs residents of his state “millions of dollars every year.”

According to the news report, the former safety faces up to three decades behind bars and up to a $30,000 fine if convicted on the fraud charges.

He was drafted in 2001 in the seventh round of the NFL draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He spent two seasons there before stints with the Texans, Chargers, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

Those facing fraud charges should decline to speak with investigators or prosecutors before discussing matters with a criminal defense attorney.

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