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August 2018 Archives

Former Houston Texan facing fraud charges

As a Houston Texan, Marlon McCree scored his first career touchdown on a 95-yard interception return against the Tennessee Titans. Perhaps the most memorable play in the safety’s long NFL career was as a San Diego Charger, when he intercepted New England quarterback Tom Brady in a 2006 playoff game. Unfortunately for McCree and the Chargers, he fumbled the ball and the Patriots recovered.

Houston school alert: Distracted driving dangers on the rise

Summer is winding down and the new school year is descending upon Houston public school students and kids across the state whether they like it or not (let's hope they're looking forward to it). With millions of students restarting school, AAA Texas wants to remind everyone that distracted driving accidents are on the rise and causing injuries and deaths in far too many communities.

Wife of Texas doctor arrested for fraud faces charges now, too

Legal problems are piling up fast for a Texas family about six hours south of Houston. A McAllen doctor was arrested back in May on suspicions that he is part of a $240 million health care fraud and international money laundering scheme.