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Houston turning into a pedestrian nightmare

There are many obstacles in the way of Houston pedestrians, including the withering heat of summer. The most dangerous aspect of walking around the city is, of course, the traffic. Far too often, Houston pedestrians are struck by vehicles piloted by drivers not paying sufficient attention.

A recent Public Media column highlighted the dangers of making your way through Gulfton on foot. The southwest side neighborhood has a large immigrant population, many of whom get around the old-fashioned way: they walk.

A mother told the columnist that she was walking her kids home from school one day when a car made an abrupt turn into a driveway they were crossing, narrowly missing the children. She said she is now much more cautious when on foot.

The columnist also spoke with a woman who was struck at the intersection at University and North Main, at the Texas Medical Center. The grad student was on her way to school. "We'd stopped in the middle to let the ongoing traffic clear off a little bit when I looked to my left and I saw a car about a yard away from me," she remembered.

The next thing she knew, she was lying in the crosswalk. Bleeding and in pain, she was aware of police directing traffic around her.

She says she has made a full recovery from the injuries sustained in that 2010 crash, "but it was three years before I could see a car coming at me and not panic."

A transportation planning expert said many area roads were built to accommodate far less traffic than they handle today. An abundance of businesses also means more drivers are making quick turns into business entries and putting pedestrians in danger.

Those who have been hurt in a pedestrian accident should speak with a lawyer with a track record of success in personal injury litigation.

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