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Wrong-way Houston driver crashes, causing critical injuries

Just west of downtown Houston on an elevated portion of Interstate 45, Jim Carroll saw a wrong-way vehicle speeding toward him. Fortunately, as his dashcam video shows, he was able to swerve and avoid the wrong-way car and its 28-year-old driver.

"I could have been hit," Carroll said after the near early-morning miss, "but by the grace of God, I didn't." Others were not as fortunate. The wrong way-driver slammed into one car head-on and clipped another on I-45. Houston law enforcement said a 67-year-old man suffered critical injuries in the violent crash.

The 28-year-old wrong-way driver suffered minor injuries, police said. "She has admitted to drinking," an officer told an ABC 13 reporter.

At the scene of the three-vehicle wreck, officers were investigating reports that the woman had been driving in the wrong direction from as far away as Telephone Road.

"So our suspect vehicle was traveling in the number two lane, the lane to the right of the fast lane," a police spokesperson said. "Our critical hit was also in the number two lane and the one who took the glancing blow was three over, the number three lane."

Jim Carroll said he knows that in the early morning hours "you don't drive in the left lane . . . because drunk drivers will think they're in the right lane on the wrong way. They think they are in the right lane when they are actually in your left lane."

Police said the wrong-way driver has been charged with intoxicated assault. Of course, those who are injured by impaired drivers can pursue a higher level of justice with a personal injury claim.

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