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Infotainment systems driving new-car owners to distraction

It's not the handling, braking or the way the paint job looks at night. It's not the rims or storage space or the amount of room available for knees in the back seat. No, the feature that aggravates and frustrates new-car owners more than any other is the infotainment system.

In fact, infotainment systems are "the biggest negative in the first 90 days of ownership," according to a recent article in a Texas newspaper. The systems are increasingly complex, but left unsaid is that the systems are more and more often a distraction for drivers, too often leading to motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

The San Antonio Express-News article says that as the systems become more complex, they become more of a source of frustration from car buyers with high expectations of the systems that can deliver directions, music, news, email, messages and more.

The writer of the article remembers way back in the pre-internet era when cars had nothing more than a radio for entertainment. "That's how basic entertainment 'technology; was in vehicles in the 1980s," he notes wryly.

In fact, today's new-car owners have such a wide array of entertainment and information at their fingertips, they might not even know that their vehicles are also equipped with old-school terrestrial radios.

While technology obsessions appear to be on the rise in our culture, we should never forget that the downside of in-vehicle tech is distraction. Drivers are sometimes too engrossed by the graphics, sounds and messages coming out of their infotainment systems to properly pay attention to the streets and traffic.

That's one of the ways in which distracted driving crashes - and injuries - happen.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a distracted driver, speak to an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation about full compensation for all damages.

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