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June 2018 Archives

Most dangerous distracted drivers of all: Truckers

Regular readers of our Houston legal blog know that we often focus in this space on the dangers to motorists of distracted driving. By now, everyone should understand how risky it is to the driver, passengers and everyone on the road to pay more attention to an electronic device than the traffic.

Infotainment systems driving new-car owners to distraction

It's not the handling, braking or the way the paint job looks at night. It's not the rims or storage space or the amount of room available for knees in the back seat. No, the feature that aggravates and frustrates new-car owners more than any other is the infotainment system.

Study: drugged driving up, drunk driving down

Here in Houston, we have repeatedly seen local news reports about the violence and tragedy that are generated by drivers who are high on drugs. According to a study by the Governors Highway Safety Association, drugs are being detected more and more in drivers who cause crashes that take lives.

Beware the real signs of drowning

When most people hear the word "drowning," they likely envision the television trope of someone furiously splashing around, screaming for help and thrashing in the water. A heroic lifeguard may race to the scene, throwing a buoy to the struggling swimmer, then hauling him or her back to the shore. Aid is rendered, the near-drowning victim vomits up massive amounts of swallowed water, and everything turns out fine in time for a commercial break.

Report: Uber's self-driving SUV saw woman before it killed her

Regular readers of our Houston legal blog will recall the headlines made in March when an Uber vehicle struck and killed a woman walking with her bicycle in Tempe, Arizona. Federal investigators of the pedestrian accident have released a preliminary report that helps clarify facts of the deadly crash.