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May 2018 Archives

Anniversary of Houston’s worst truck accident in history

Forty-two years ago, Gerald Ford was president of the United States and Uvalde’s most famous resident, Dolph Briscoe, was governor of Texas. On a mid-May morning in 1976, the worst traffic accident in Houston history unfold.

Beaten to the punch: Texas businesses sued over fight rights

On the night of a big boxing match, you can walk into any of dozens of Houston bars, pubs and restaurants showing the opposing sluggers punching each other on big-screen TVs. The fighters and promoters often earn astronomical figures from these pay-per-view events.

University of Texas study: wearable tech distracts drivers, too

Apple has one and so does its archrival, Samsung. So do Fitbit, Garmin, LG and many other companies large and small. Though each has worked hard to make wearable technology the next big thing, their watches have not had the kind of breakthrough success of smart phones.