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Drunk driving accident claims sometime overlap criminal charges

We recently discussed the drunk driving accident that killed a mother and two of her children. The man who is said to have caused the accident wasn't facing criminal charges yet when we discussed the accident because the authorities were waiting on tests to come back to let them know his blood-alcohol concentration. That brings up a very important point about drunk driving accidents: these accidents can involve criminal cases and civil cases. Some of our Texas readers might not understand that while these proceedings are separate, they can affect each other.

We know that you have a lot to deal with after being injured by a drunk driver. One thing that we don't want you to do is to think that you can't seek compensation for your injuries in the civil court if the drunk driver is facing criminal charges. Even if the drunk driver is facing criminal charges in connection with the accident, you can still hold that driver accountable in a civil case.

When a personal injury happens because of a drunk driver, it is considered gross negligence. Under Texas law, that means an imposition of punitive damages might be made on the driver. If you opt to take the drunk driver to court, you can seek monetary compensation for your injuries, which might be severe.

You don't have to take on the drunk driver all alone. We can help you gather evidence for your case, decide how to present your case and work with you to resolve your case. You just have to give us a call so we can get started before time to file your case runs out.

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