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Alleged drunk driving accident kills 2 children and their mother

A woman and her two children are dead following an accident on a Texas highway. The accident occurred on a four-lane stretch of Highway 67 when a pickup truck was being driven against traffic. Just before the fatal crash occurred, police say they were informed of a wrong-way driver by a telephone caller who said the truck was on Interstate 35 and Highway 67.

The driver of the car the pickup truck smashed into was killed. Her 2-year-old son and 5-year-old son were also killed. Another child was taken to the hospital via helicopter. The single 22-year-old mother had left her grandfather's home just before being hit.

The driver of the pickup truck has been hospitalized. While he hasn't been charged yet, he is considered a "suspect" in the death of the mother and her children. Authorities suspect that alcohol may have been a factor in the accident because of opened and unopened beer containers found in the cab of the man's truck. The authorities are waiting on the tests for the man's blood-alcohol level.

The grandfather of the young mother says that he was close to the children who were killed. He is now left to mourn the loss of those two children and his granddaughter all because of someone who wasn't driving in a safe manner.

Losing a loved one in a drunk driving accident is a horrible experience. While your first thoughts might be to handle your loved one's final arrangements, the time may come when you decide to hold the person who caused the accident accountable for the loss of your loved one.

Source: CBS DFW, "Mother, 2 Children Dead In North Texas Wrong-Way Crash" Mar. 08, 2015

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