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Truck accidents have many causes, including driver error

Last week, we discussed how underride guards can have a big impact on some truck accident cases. That isn't the only thing that can have an impact on trucking accident cases. Our Texas readers might be interested in learning about some of the factors that can lead to an accident.

It should come as no surprise to our readers that truckers are usually bound by very tight schedules. They have to pick up loads at a specific time and deliver them at a specific time. When things happen and the pickup is delayed or the road conditions don't allow for driving as expected, the trucker might try to find ways to make up some time so they can make delivery times. That often leads to unsafe practices. That is why company policies are often a factor in truck accidents. Driver error when trying to make up time is another factor that falls along these same lines.

Equipment failure is another issue that can lead to trucking accidents. With all the components of trucks, trailers and various systems, it is easy to see how one improperly installed part or one faulty part could lead to an accident. Think about it this way: if a tire isn't installed properly and flies off as the trucker is driving, the tire can cause an accident and the driver might lose control of the truck. In both cases, accidents can occur.

With those causes considered, you can probably tell that determining fault in a truck accident can be complicated. Despite that complicated process, it is one of the first things you have to determine when you are considering seeking compensation for a truck accident.

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