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Failure to monitor isn't excuse for birth injury

Last week, we discussed how important labor monitoring is for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. As we discussed in that blog post, when women aren't adequately monitored, issues can creep up that can cause harm to the mother, the baby or both. Our Texas readers might be very upset when they think about how someone's unwillingness to keep an eye on the woman in labor might lead to those types of issues.

Sadly, some parents will have to deal with medical problems and other issues with their child because of a medical professional's failure to properly monitor the mother and baby. Some parents will have to go home without their baby. Some babies will grow up without a mother or with a disabled mother because of a failure to monitor her while she was in labor. We don't want our readers to think that any of those situations is acceptable. There aren't ever any situations in which a failure of the medical staff to monitor the mother and baby is acceptable.

For families who have been adversely affected by a failure to monitor the woman in labor or the baby during the labor and delivery, seeking compensation is possible. We can look into your case to determine how to proceed with a case. It is vital that you take action as quickly as possible so your case doesn't get stopped because of the statute of limitations, which is the amount of time after the medical negligence or medical malpractice occurs that you have to file your claim for compensation.

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