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Holding companies accountable for Texas truck accidents

Texas residents have every right to expect that commercial trucking companies will comply with state and federal safety regulations. Although Texans rely heavily on truckers to haul and deliver much of our state's commerce, that need does not absolve them from actively skirting laws designed to promote public safety.

In a previous blog post, we discussed how driver fatigue plays a critical role in many preventable truck accidents. That's because truck drivers often have exhausting schedules that may require them to operate their vehicles for long stretches of time. The federal government is aware that fatigued drivers pose a significant risk to other motorists and have placed restrictions on the amount of time drivers are allowed to operate their vehicles.

Unfortunately, some trucking companies believe that they can force their drivers to work longer hours due to some lesser known exceptions in federal regulations. For example, some drivers of specialized oil industry equipment are permitted to operate well in excess of standard hours-of-service regulations. Problems can arise when oil industry trucking companies attempt to extend the hours-of-service for their drivers while unnecessarily putting the public at increased risk of harm.

If you are a Texas resident who has been injured in a preventable truck accident, then you should know a couple of things. Our law firm investigates driver's logbooks, weigh -station reports, fuel receipts and more to establish timelines and find evidence of possible driver fatigue.

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