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Can car wrecks cause dental emergencies?

Being involved in a car accident often means being jostled around in the car. In some cases, it can mean hitting your face on the dashboard or other items in the vehicle. This impact could lead to a dental emergency if a tooth is knocked out or damaged in the accident. Our readers in Texas might like to know some basic information about dental emergencies so they can be prepared if they are in an accident.

What are some dental emergencies that can occur in a car accident?

Besides knocking out a tooth, it is possible to suffer from a broken jaw, a cracked tooth or a bite to the tongue or lip. All of these could be classified as a dental emergency in some cases. In all cases, having the injury evaluated by emergency medical professionals is vital.

What should I do about the dental injury?

In the case of a broken jaw, cracked tooth or knocked-out tooth, seeking emergency care is vital. If a permanent tooth is knocked out, you must keep the tooth moist until you can see the dentist. That usually isn't necessary if the tooth is a baby tooth. A bite to the tongue or lip is an emergency if it is bleeding profusely or if there is a large wound.

Getting care for a dental injury isn't inexpensive. These injuries often come with considerable costs, as well as potentially life-altering effects. After an accident, it is often possible to seek compensation from the person or persons responsible for causing the accident by filing a civil court complaint.

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