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Traffic accident statistics in Texas are staggering

We discussed how important it is for Texas drivers to drive safely this holiday season to help keep the roadways in our great state as safe as possible. Some of our readers might wonder exactly how common accidents are in the state. The most recent statistics are from 2013.

In that year, there wasn't any day that didn't have at least one fatality caused by a traffic accident. A total of 3,377 people died on the state's roads last year. While that is a decrease from the 3,413 people who died the year before, that statistic is still a staggering one.

It is also interesting to note that in those fatal accidents, 44.7 percent of the people weren't wearing safety restraints when usage was applicable. Of course, that percentage reflects only cases in which seat belt usage was known.

Since it is the holiday season, which is famous for parties, it is important for us to note that 1,089 of the fatalities were caused in drunk driving accidents. The majority of all DUI crashes were reported in the hour spanning from 2:00 in the morning to 2:59 in the morning.

On top of the number of deaths on the roadways, there were also injuries. All told, 89,270 people suffered from serious injuries in car crashes in 2013. That comes from a total of 65,539 serious injury crashes.

As you can see from those horrifying statistics, many families had to say goodbye to a loved one unexpectedly during the year. Some people also had to deal with being injured in crashes. For the family members of those who were killed, as well as the people who were injured, financial difficulties might occur as a result of the accident. Seeking compensation might help those people to recoup their losses.

Source: Texas Department of Transportation, "Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Highlights Calendar Year 2013" Dec. 19, 2014

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