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How are car accident investigations important in Texas lawsuits?

Texas motorists have a right to use roadways throughout the state without being injured by careless or impaired drivers. Under Texas laws, motorists have a duty to exercise reasonable care while operating their vehicles so that they do not cause injury or death to others. Actions such as texting and driving or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are clear examples of actions most people would consider unnecessarily dangerous.

Generally, most successful car accident lawsuits are those that establish that another motorist failed to exercise reasonable care in the operation of their motor vehicle. In some cases involving careless or impaired drivers, there may be sufficient evidence to establish which party was at fault for an accident. For example, a responsible driver's admission to police that he or she was texting just prior to the collision.

However, some cases require additional evidence to establish liability. Here are some examples of things that may be discovered through investigating the scene of an accident:

-- Skidmarks are often useful in determining when the driver of a striking vehicle realized that they were about to collide with another vehicle. Motorists often instinctively began braking to slow their vehicles immediately after making this realization. Skid marks can also be used to determine the estimated speed a vehicle may have been traveling at when its occupant applied the brakes.

-- Car accident debris. Sometimes a piece of shredded tire or a segment of a car's bumper can reveal the direction of travel for the vehicles involved in the car accident.

-- Vehicle glass. The inspection of a vehicle's glass can also be useful in determining liability in car accident lawsuits. For example, a windshield that is excessively tinted or was covered with fog or condensation at the time of the accident may have limited the driver's visibility prior to the crash.

Your Texas car accident attorney can assist you with your legal claims if you have been injured in a preventable car wreck. Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible for you to recover expenses related to time lost from work and pain or suffering you may have endured.

Source: Wise County Texas Constable's Office, "Traffic Scene Investigation" Dec. 09, 2014

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