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Dram shop laws may affect drunk driving accident claims in Texas

Drunk driving accidents can have devastating effects. When a drunk driver causes an accident, the victims of the accident are often left wondering how they can cope with the effects of the accident. In some cases, the effects of the drunk driving accident go far beyond just having to replace a vehicle. Victims of drunk driving accidents often have injuries that require medical care. They might have long-term medical care needs that have bills rolling in. They might have to miss work because of their injuries. Our readers in Texas might be interested in knowing that these victims can hold people liable for those damages through the state's civil court system.

Many people know that they can seek compensation for the damages from the drunk driver who caused the accident. What some people might not know is that there is a possibility that these victims might have another defendant to hold liable for damages.

Texas is one state that has "dram shop" laws. These laws allow victims of drunk driving accidents to hold the establishment that sold the drunk driver alcohol liable for the accident. In the case of a minor who was drunk, a social host might be able to be held liable for damages. The ability to hold establishments or social hosts liable is only applicable to certain cases in Texas.

Knowing the laws concerning who to hold liable for damages can take considerable study time. Because personal injury cases are subject to the statute of limitation, it is vital that those who are injured in a drunk driving accident to understand the laws so they can determine how to proceed with their claims.

Source: State of Texas, "Alcoholic Beverage Code" Dec. 07, 2014

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