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Semi-truck accident kills 1 on Highway 225

Many people around the country probably remember the horrific accident that left Tracy Morgan injured and another person dead. While that accident made the news because of who Morgan is, the sad reality is that accidents of that severity happen often. A recent accident on Highway 225 in Texas was one of those horrific accidents.

The 18-wheeler accident on Highway 225 seems to have started when plastic barrels flew off the back of a flatbed truck. A woman in a sedan might have swerved to avoid hitting the barrels. She then hit her brakes to avoid hitting the barrels. An 18-wheel rig was traveling behind her. That truck slammed into the back of her car.

It appears as though the driver might have had very little time to react to the woman hitting her brakes. He suffered injuries to his arm. Sadly, the accident claimed the woman's life. The accident was so bad that it took officials several hours to be sure that the deceased driver was the only person in the car.

While it doesn't seem like the semi-truck driver will face charges in this accident, the fact remains that the woman lost her life because she was trying to avoid an accident. It also shows the importance of leaving a proper distance between vehicles when driving.

Anyone who has lost a loved one in a big rig accident might opt to explore his or her right to seek compensation. Knowing about the process might help to make the decision about how to move forward with claims for compensation a little easier.

Source:, "Driver killed in violent crash with big rig on Highway 225" Andrew Horansky, Oct. 27, 2014

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