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Some statistics on Texas drunk driving accidents

Most Texas residents are aware that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you have been drinking is a bad idea. Today it is nearly impossible to escape the daily show of television ads and roadside billboards extolling the dangers of drunk driving. However, few of us actually know the statistics of how deadly alcohol-related accidents can be.

Each year the Texas Department of Transportation issues a summary report regarding the rates of injuries and fatalities on Texas roadways based on reportable crashes. In 2013, there were 3,377 fatal accidents which occurred throughout the state. Although 232,041 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents in 2013, only 89,270 individuals received injuries which were categorized as having been serious in nature.

Perhaps the most staggering traffic statistic of 2013 is that 1,089 of the total 3,377 traffic deaths involved alcohol. This works out to mean that alcohol played a role in 32.2 percent of all fatal motor accidents in 2013. To put that number into perspective, 460 people died the same year in crashes involving distracted driving.

Operating a motor vehicle is never a completely safe undertaking. A tire may blow out and cause you to swerve off of the road. A deer could jump out in front of your car and collide with your windshield at high speed. However, injuries and death caused by drunk driving accidents are completely preventable.

Such accidents often leave victims permanently scarred and disabled. For victims who escape serious physical harm while others have been killed in the same accident there is often lingering psychological trauma which may take years to overcome.

If you are a Texas motorist who has been injured as the result of a drunk driver then you should know that certain legal options may be available to you. Depending on the details of your specific case, it may be possible to recover your medical costs, lost wages and other compensation for your injuries. If you have lost a loved one due to drunk driving you may also recover damages designed to offset the loss of support from the victim to one's family.

Source: Texas Department of Transportation, "Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Highlights Calendar Year 2013" Oct. 15, 2014

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