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Drunk driving accident kills pregnant woman and unborn son

We have reminded people time and time again on this blog that drunk driving is something that is never acceptable. Besides the message being on this blog, many people have likely seen the public service announcements around Texas that give the same message. When the messages against drunk driving don't work, people can suffer. One Texas family is now living without a loved one and her unborn child all because of a drunk driver. The family members she left behind have opted to seek compensation on her behalf. The case does have some interesting elements that might interest our readers.

The fatal drunk driving accident happened on Interstate Highway 45 when the drunk driver slammed into the back of the 8-months-pregnant women's car with his Ford F-150. Both the mother and her unborn son died because of this accident.

The family filed a lawsuit that names not only the drunk driver as a defendant, it also names ADA Investments of Dickinson and A&D Interests Inc., doing business as Heartbreakers/The Club as defendants. The other defendants are the bar the family says served the drunk driver drinks prior to the accident. They claim the club violated the Texas Dram Shop Act that prohibits establishments from serving alcohol to a patron once the person becomes a danger to others or himself.

The family is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. They are also asking for costs of the lawsuit.

For other families in a similar situation, seeking monetary compensation is one way to get closure about the tragedy. It certainly won't bring your loved one back into your life, but it might help you to avoid the financial ruin that this type of event might cause.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, "Man accused of driving drunk, killing pregnant woman" Andrea Dearden, Sep. 24, 2014

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