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What are some basic facts about semi-truck accidents?

For some drivers, having to share the roadways with semi-trucks is a nerve wrecking experience. Being involved in an accident with one of these oversized monstrosities can cause serious injury or even death for the person in the passenger vehicle. Texas drivers might be interested to learn some basic facts about trucking accidents and how they might affect other drivers.

Why are semi-truck accidents so serious?

Semi-trucks are a lot larger than passenger vehicles. When the truck is fully loaded, it might weigh at least 25 times the amount of a passenger car. This weight difference, coupled with highway speeds, makes the semi-truck a deadly force in some cases.

The danger of the weight and size of the semi-truck can often be compounded by the cargo the truck is carrying. Huge pieces of equipment might become unstable in an accident and fall or tip over and flammable cargo can ignite. These factors can make an already devastating truck accident even more horrific.

What causes semi-truck accidents?

Semi-truck accidents have a variety of causes. Hazards in the roadway and an inattention from all drivers on the road might lead to trucking accident. While truckers are generally safer drivers now than they were in previous decades, trucker distraction and tractor-trailer driver fatigue can also lead to accidents.

What can I do if I am injured in a semi-truck accident?

Getting prompt medical care if you were injured is one of the first things you should do. Once you do that, you might discover that you have a case against the truck driver for compensation. In this case, you would have to determine who is actually at fault and who should be held responsible. Laws governing the trucking industry are complex, so having experience with interpreting them can help you determine how to proceed with your case.

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