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Know your rights after a semi-truck accident in Texas

In our blog post last week, we answered some basic questions about truck accidents. These accidents can prove to be devastating to the other people who are involved in the accident. Injuries in truck accidents tend to be more serious than injuries in other types of motor vehicle accidents. Under Texas law, anyone who is injured in an accident caused by a trucker has the right to seek compensation.

As discussed last week, determining fault in a truck accident is sometimes difficult. There are a variety of factors that must be considered in these cases. In some cases, a thorough investigation of the semi-truck accident is necessary before fault can be determined. This is one reason why having experienced representation is important. It is also the reason why acting quickly to seek compensation after a truck accident is important.

Driver fatigue, a drunk truck driver, distracted driving, negligent driving and a host of other factors might lead to a semi-truck accident. The fact in all those cases that remains consistent is that the injuries suffered in the accident can be serious and might have been prevented if the driver was driving in a safe manner.

The reasons for seeking compensation in truck accident cases vary from one case to another. In many cases, the need to get medical bills paid for is the primary concern. In other cases, being compensated for lost wages is the primary factor. Regardless of your motivation for seeking compensation, we can help you to develop your case and investigate the accident so you can seek compensation from the correct parties.

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