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Football player in Texas trapped in burning car

Breaking reports indicate that a young man who used to play for the Texas A&M Aggies suffered serious injuries in a car accident. The man was apparently trapped in the car after the crash, and the car then caught on fire. This caused him to get at least second degree burns on both his right leg and his right arm. In addition, he also broke his left leg.

His condition is now being reported as stable. The emergency responders were forced to cut the young man out of the vehicle after it started burning so that he would not be further injured. He was then taken by the emergency crews to Dallas Methodist Medical Center.

The man, who used to play safety for the Aggies, went to Katy High School. The first reports of the accident and the aftermath actually came from tweets that were being sent out by a pair of individuals who appear to have gone to that high school with him.

One of the people tweeting information later said in a news report that he had actually been getting it from another source and passing it on. He was talking to someone who had played on the same high school football team as the man in the accident. That source also indicated that the former football player was not behind the wheel when the crash occurred.

All injuries, from broken bones to second degree burns, can cause very high costs for medical care. After a car accident, anyone who has been seriously injured needs to know what legal right he or she has to pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

Source: Aggie Sports, "Former A&M player Trent Hunter injured in car accident" Aubrey Bloom, Jul. 31, 2014

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