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2012 national statistics on semi-truck accidents

Commercial semi-trucks, which are also known as tractor-trailers, are a key part of interstate commerce throughout the nation. We rely on them to bring goods to market as well as to haul our goods out of Texas and throughout the nation. Although semi-trucks are an integral part of the American economy, it is their constant presence on our roadways that also makes them a danger to other motorists.

Even a relatively slight bump from a massive 18-wheeler can result in serious accidents. These encounters can leave victims physically and emotionally traumatized. Tractor-trailer accidents can also deprive motorists of their means of transportation to and from work, school and other vital functions.

Each year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles data taken from commercial trucking accidents across America. Here are some of the highlights of those statistics taken from 2012:

-- Large truck accidents accounted for 3,921 fatalities and 104,000 injuries.

-- Those numbers represent a 4 percent increase from the previous year in fatalities and an 18 percent increase in injuries.

-- Interestingly, motorists are more likely to be killed or injured by a large trucks at night during the weekdays in rural areas than they are in urban areas at night while on the weekend.

-- Thirty-one percent of all collisions between large trucks and other vehicles have their initial impact point occurring between the front of the truck in the front of the vehicle, or "head-on" in modern parlance

Semi-truck accidents involving smaller vehicles can be serious, life-altering events. Texas motorists who have been injured as a result of an impaired, exhausted or distracted driver may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit against the driver, the driver's insurance company and/ or the company who employs the driver.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "Traffic Safety Data- Large Trucks 2012" Aug. 19, 2014

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