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Houston crash may cost taxi driver and passenger their legs

Two men may lose their legs as a result of a crash involving a taxi and personal vehicle. The crash, which happened on John F Kennedy Boulevard in Houston, Texas, took place in the early morning, after midnight.

According to reports from the accident, one of the victims was attempting to get a taxi, and he waved the driver down. That driver then pulled his car to a halt in the lane, without moving to the side of the road. The driver and the passenger got the bags that the man was traveling with and carried them around to the back of the car to put them in the trunk.

It was at that point that a second car, coming up the road behind the taxi, slammed into the stopped vehicle. Both of the men were crushed between the second car, a Honda, and the taxi, pinning their legs and causing significant injuries.

A helicopter had to be called in to get the men to the hospital as fast as possible. They both were sent to emergency surgery, but officials have said they may not be able to save their legs.

The police who investigated said that it was not a drunk driving accident, finding no indication that the second driver was under the influence. That man said that the car and the two other men just blended into the night, and he never saw them. Investigators think that this may have been because the men inadvertently stood in front of the taxi's taillights while they were throwing the bags into the back.

When a car accident causes injuries of this magnitude, it could be life-changing for those who were hurt. They need to look into their legal rights to compensation for the costs that could be incurred for years to come.

Source: Click 2 Houston, "Victims' legs smashed when car crashes into back of taxi" Marisa Breese, Jul. 14, 2014

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