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July 2014 Archives

Texas worker dies in vacant building ceiling collapse

A 28-year-old Dallas man died on the morning of July 10 while he was working in a vacant Haltom City building. The former Hawk Electronics building was undergoing an interior demolition before being remodeled by its new owners. Reportedly the ceiling collapsed on top of the man. According to the local fire chief, part of the floor of the second story came down on the man, burying him under concrete and steel. He had to be dug out of the heavy debris but was pronounced dead on the scene. Two other workers in the former Hawk Electronics building sustained minor injuries. They both declined medical treatment.

Fatal car wreck near Kilgore kills 2, injures 4

A fatal car accident on U.S. 259 near Kilgore, Texas, took the lives of two children on Thursday, leaving their mother in critical condition. The family was traveling northbound in a van when a pickup truck going the wrong direction in their lane approached. The father, who was driving the van, swerved to try to avoid the pickup. That’s when the two vehicles collided. The children, 12 and 5, were both pronounced dead. The father was later released from Good Shepherd Hospital after being treated for minor injuries, but the mother remains at Good Shepherd Hospital in critical condition.

Trucker responsible for Texas girl's death gets 4-year sentence

It is just a matter of common sense that truck drivers should pay attention to bus stops and other areas where pedestrians might be. Failing to do so while they are driving can lead to catastrophic accidents. The family of a young girl who was killed by a semi-truck while waiting for her bus can finally put one aspect of the incident behind them.