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Fatal accident claims life of 7-month-old baby

A parent's worst nightmare recently took place in South Arlington, Texas, as a father took his 7-month-old son out for a walk in his stroller down Cooper Street. A witness recalls noting the tender image of a Converse and fedora-clad Daddy and his baby waiting to cross the street.

Within seconds, a red Toyota pickup headed southbound on Cooper Street was hit by a Chrysler 300 in the northbound lane attempting to turn left. Upon impact, the Toyota's driver lost control and struck the father and the stroller holding the infant, who was instantly killed. The father also was injured in the fatal accident that claimed his son's life and also injured both drivers.

People who arrived on the scene covered the deceased baby with a blanket, but the horribly mangled stroller remained in the street among pieces of the wrecked vehicles. The accident is still being investigated as police try to confirm which driver had the right of way at the time of the 10 a.m. accident. Witnesses assert that the father was blameless in his actions.

Tragic accidents occur without rhyme or reason every day and devastate families who struggle to cope with the deaths of their loved ones. Those who cause these deaths through negligence, inattentive driving or other causes also may wrestle with guilt over their actions. Most are sorry for causing suffering or death to innocents.

However, being sorry does not negate the civil liability the guilty parties have to their injured victims or the survivors of those who were killed. One way to bring closure to a horrible incident is to pursue civil litigation against those bearing guilt for the injuries and deaths, and hold them and their insurance companies responsible for the loss of life and pain and suffering of the survivors.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, "Metro Arlington crash kills 7-month-old boy in stroller" Gregory Castillo, May. 30, 2014

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