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Fatal 3-car wreck sends suspected drunk driver to Texas court

A crash on the south side of Houston led to the death of one of the people involved, and the woman who was allegedly responsible for the crash reportedly admitted to police officers that she had been drinking. The woman, who is 35 years old, went before the court right around 11 in the evening. There, she was informed that the charges against her would include intoxicated manslaughter using a motor vehicle.

The woman's alleged admission of guilt is backed up by the reports from the hospital where she was sent for treatment in the wake of the crash. That hospital was Southeast Memorial Hospital, and they did tests that showed she was over the limit.

The crash itself happened on the Gulf Freeway, close to Broadway Street. The woman slammed into another car, killing a person inside. The victim's identify was not released, but she was 49 years old.

The cause of the crash, according to the workers who brought the tow truck to the crash site, was that a small Chevy Cobalt actually came to a halt in the lane. They said that the people who were in the Cobalt appeared to be passed out. While it was sitting there, the woman who was allegedly driving drunk and a third car hit them. The Cobalt then left the scene, and police are still looking for it.

A drunk driving accident victim certainly has rights to compensation for their injuries if the drunk driver caused the crash. All drivers who are involved in wrecks like this should know their rights and what steps need to be taken to claim that financial compensation.

Source: Click 2 Houston, "Suspected drunken driver faces judge after deadly 3-car pileup" Mary Cuervo, May. 25, 2014

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