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Blown tire and shifting semi-truck load cause fatal accident

Accidents are bound to happen as drivers take to the public roadways for a variety of reasons. For all drivers, especially drivers of commercial vehicles, making sure that everything on the vehicle is ready to go and in good operating condition prior to leaving on a drive is vital to help ensure the safety of everyone who will share the roadway with them. Anything that isn't in good operating condition on the vehicle can lead to a serious accident. A recent accident in Texas shows that even something as simple as a blown tire can have dire consequences.

The fatal accident happened on the Dallas North Tollway when a semi-truck with a triple axle had a tire blow out. The truck was carrying a drilling rig on the bed at the time of the accident. When the tire blew, the driver moved from the middle lane to the left lane. That move caused the drilling rig to shift. Ultimately, the drilling rig ended up going over the divider that separates traffic.

An oncoming car on the other side of the divider hit the drilling rig when it was over the divider. That driver died of his injuries on the scene of the horrible accident. The driver of the semi-truck wasn't injured.

A blown tire and shifting load has taken one man away from his family. Now, they will have to cover his final expenses as they deal with the raw pain of losing him. They might opt to seek compensation for his death. While compensation won't bring him back to them, it might help to take away stress from worrying about financial issues related to his untimely death.

Source:, "Accident Shut Down Dallas North Tollway for Hours" No author given, Jun. 22, 2014

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