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Possible birth injuries to baby who died 4 days after birth

A Houston-area couple is very unhappy with the way a local hospital has treated them after their infant daughter died just four days after a doctor delivered the child at the facility. The young mother says that she and her husband were excited to deliver their daughter, but complications arose during the procedure.

The newborn was then flown via helicopter to a Houston, Texas, area hospital, but it was too late. The couple eventually made the hard decision to remove the girl from life support. The child's mother described it as if her own life had also ended.

The mother subsequently asked for an autopsy of the child but was put off by the hospital for four months. The woman went to extreme lengths to pressure the hospital for the autopsy report, even going so far as camping out in front of offices and sleeping in her car.

She was told that the hospital and the doctor who delivered the child parted ways about a month after the baby's birth. The hospital cited a clerical error as the reason for the delay in delivering the report to the mother, but it did finally produce one. According to the report, the infant was died as a result of a brain injury which was caused by a fracture to the skull.

Of course, there is no way to ever compensate a family for the loss of a baby, especially when it is due to a birth injury or medical malpractice. However, parents may find some relief by filing a lawsuit against the physician or hospital for medical malpractice. An experienced legal professional can provide parents with more information on how such cases proceed through the civil court system.

Source:, "Couple waits months for answers after daughter dies days after birth" Irika Sargent, Apr. 25, 2014

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