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Family wants answers in unusual death of Texas teen

When a loved one is killed in an accident, the family members left behind usually want answers about what happened to cause the accident and what happened after the accident. One Texas family wants to know what happened the night that a 17-year-old girl fell out of a moving SUV and was run over by that same SUV.

The fatal accident happened after the teen and some friends, including her boyfriend, left a nightclub. The girl and her boyfriend starting arguing, and then she ended up falling out of the window. She hit her head on the ground prior to being run over by the SUV. The driver left the scene after the accident but has since been questioned by police officers.

It is unclear if the girl was leaning out of the window and fell or if she was trying to get out of the vehicle. Investigators think that a friend might have tried to pull her back into the vehicle. It is also unclear whether alcohol played any part in the accident. Officials are continuing to investigate the situation surrounding this teenage girl's death.

This girl's family is still searching for answers about their loved one's death. Knowing what happened the night she died might help them to get closure about her tragic death. It won't, however, help them to cope with the financial impact her death likely had on their family.

Accidents that have strange twists and turns like this one are often very hard for family members to deal with. Anyone who has lost a loved one in questionable circumstances might have the right to seek legal remedies for his or her loss.

Source: CBS News, "Texas teen killed in freak SUV accident" No author given, Apr. 21, 2014

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