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Alleged drunk driving accident in a bar parking lot injures 4

Drivers have to watch out for pedestrians. When they don't, serious accidents might happen. A recent Plano, Texas, accident shows how serious car versus pedestrian accidents can be.

The accident occurred at around 10:30 on the night of April 17, when a man hit four pedestrians while driving through the Hangout Patio Bar and Grill parking lot. Witnesses say that the man was giving the bar's bouncers some difficulty. They say he drove around the parking lot seeming agitated prior to hitting the four pedestrians. Whether the man acted in a fit of rage when he hit the pedestrians or whether he lost control of his vehicle remains unclear.

Two of the pedestrians he slammed into received minor injuries. One of the pedestrians suffered serious injuries, and the fourth pedestrian received life-threatening injuries and had to be revived on the scene.

After running into the four people, the man left the scene of the accident. He was later apprehended by police at Spring Creek. He was charged with drunk driving and causing an accident that involved an injury. His bond has been set at $110,000.

These four pedestrians now have to deal with the aftermath of their injuries. They may have had to miss work and likely have medical bills to pay as a result of the drunk driving accident. They might get some comfort knowing that the man who hit them is facing criminal charges, but that won't take care of their mounting expenses.

Anyone who has been injured by a drunk driver might be able to seek compensation for damages caused by the accident, such as medical bills or lost wages. This won't take away the injuries caused by the drunk driver's actions, but it might make things easier financially.

Source:, "Man arrested after driving drunk into pedestrians, injuring 4" Jobin Panicker, Apr. 18, 2014

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