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Texas A&M professor catches truck accident on dash camera

When you hear about some car accidents, the series of events just doesn't seem like something that would happen in real life. Some accidents are more like something you would see happen in a movie. One professor at Texas A&M was recently involved in an accident that seemed unreal. The shocking video has some people wondering how he walked away with only minor injuries.

The entire series of events, with the exception of the actual collision, was caught on a dash camera the professor had mounted in his van in case he was ever in an accident. In this case, the video footage doesn't leave much dispute about exactly how the accident happened. A spokesman for the College Station Police Department says that the dashcam video in this case is the first time that he has seen footage from a civilian's camera being used so prominently in the investigation of an accident.

The cement truck accident that was caught on camera occurred when a cement truck driver ran a red light, for which he received a traffic ticket. As it crossed the intersection, the truck flipped onto its side and came flying at the professor's van. The footage ended with the cement truck still moving toward the van.

Fortunately for this professor, he wasn't seriously injured in this horrific accident. He did suffer minor injuries, as did the driver of the cement truck.

Anyone who has been injured in a truck accident might have the right to seek compensation for his or her injuries. Understanding how to seek compensation and learning about the various types of claims possible can make the decisions about seeking compensation easier.

Source: Chron, "College Station dash cam captures cement truck flipping, running head-on into van" Craig Hlavaty, Apr. 09, 2014

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