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6 injured in Texas drunk driving accident

Texas laws allow for civil legal action to be taken so that victims of preventable accidents such as drunk driving can recover monetary damages. Consider a recent event in Montgomery County, Texas, in which the lives of a group of innocent motorists were changed by an accident that could have been prevented.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a 49-year-old man was travelling along Texas 105 at around midnight when the incident occurred in 2011. DPS says the man was heading east when he went over the center line and into the westbound lane, striking an oncoming vehicle carrying six occupants. Although everyone in the vehicle was hurt, three occupants bore the brunt of the injuries. Between the three that received the most harm injuries included a broken pelvis, lacerated spleen, broken arm, broken ribs and a broken ankle. The extent of the injuries to the drunk driver is unclear, but rescuers were needed to extricate him from his vehicle.

According to DPS, the man said that he had consumed three beers around the time of the crash. Officers described his speech as sounding slurred and mentioned that his eyes appeared bloodshot. A blood sample taken from him at the hospital pegged his alcohol level at .16 percent. A Montgomery County grand jury just indicted the man earlier this week on intoxication assault charges.

It is unclear why it took so long for these charges to come down in this drunk driving accident. Anyone that becomes the victim of a preventable accident like this should take the initiative and seek justice by means of filing a civil lawsuit for recovery of monetary damages right away. There is also a chance that lost wages and vehicle repair costs could be sought as well.

Source: The Observer, "Man indicted on three counts of intoxication assault" No author given, Apr. 11, 2014

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