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Fatal drunk driving accident at popular Texas festival

Going out to have fun at a festival isn't something that is usually associated with danger. Recent attendees of the South by Southwest festival were placed in serious danger by an alleged drunk driver. Two people were killed and dozens were injured by the driver.

Some people who were attending the Texas festival were able to escape by only inches as the car barreled through a barricade. The driver of the vehicle was trying to run from the police. He ran into a bicycle, a van, a taxi, pedestrians and a moped. The person on the moped and the person on the bicycle were the ones who were killed in the drunk driving accident.

Some of the injured people had internal injuries. Most of those who were injured were in their 20s. Travis County paramedics had recently undergone training for a scenario similar to the one that occurred at the festival.

The 23-year-old man was allegedly driving the wrong way on a one-way street. An officer attempted to stop him when he fled. The man who was allegedly driving under the influence and running from police has been charged with capital murder. He may also face multiple counts of aggravated assault by vehicle in connection with the incident.

While this man faces criminal charges, the people who were injured in this drunk driving crash and the family members of the people who were killed might have the right to seek compensation. Claims for compensation might include those for wrongful death, medical expenses, pain and suffering, permanent disability and more.

Source:, "Man who plowed car into crowd at SXSW charged with capital murder" Josh Rubin and Faith Karimi, Mar. 15, 2014

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