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Auto accident in Odessa, Texas, injures bicyclist

Drivers on the roadways have to be mindful about everything that is going on around them. Pedestrians, people on bicycles, and people on motorcycles can all be seriously injured if they are hit by a vehicle. For one couple that was making a biking trek across the country, disaster struck in Texas when the female was hit by a pickup truck.

The couple was riding German recumbent bikes, which are designed for the rider to sit up with his or her legs stretched out in front or laying almost flat on their back. The female was riding behind her husband and slightly to the left when the auto accident occurred. A pickup truck that was pulling a horse trailer struck her left side. She flew past her husband from the force of the impact. She was wearing a helmet, which is now cracked through on one side.

She suffered nine broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken wrist, a compound fracture of her upper arm, a burst fracture of a vertebra in her neck and a crushed left elbow. Fortunately, she wasn't paralyzed by the neck injury. She has had four surgeries to stabilize her elbow and neck. She is expected to recover and her spirits remain high. The couple will likely stay in Odessa a few months while she recovers.

The driver who caused this accident admitted that he was distracted by his cellphone. The driver wasn't cited for the accident.

This couple might have the right to seek compensation for the injuries the woman received in the accident. The police report by the Brewster County Sheriff's Department contains the information about the driver's admission. Criminal charges are not required for someone to file a civil action for personal injury.

Source: The Columbian, "Bike journey turns harrowing for Mount Vernon couple" Lindsay Weaver, Feb. 01, 2014

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