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February 2014 Archives

Texas mothers should be aware of new guidelines for C-sections

With around one-third of deliveries being done as cesarean sections instead of vaginal births, almost every pregnant woman has at least some knowledge about the surgical procedure. Two major medical societies, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, have issued new guidelines for this surgical procedure that might reduce the number of C-sections being performed.

Texas appeal decided in favor of firefighter's transgender widow

A landmark case for the state of Texas just went through the appeals process and was decided in favor of a transgender woman who lost her husband. He was a firefighter and a fatal accident near Houston, Texas, took his life while he was fighting a blaze a few years ago. When it originally happened, the courts ruled that the woman would not be entitled to his estate, which was then valued at around $600,000, because the Texas state laws did not recognize their marriage.

Man dies in Texas drunk driving accident

Riding in a vehicle means that you are putting your life in the hands of the person driving. You are trusting that the person will drive safely, follow driving laws and keep you out of harm's way. If the person you are riding with is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you might not be in the safest situation. For one man, taking a ride in a car with a woman who was drinking ultimately led to his demise.

Auto accident in Odessa, Texas, injures bicyclist

Drivers on the roadways have to be mindful about everything that is going on around them. Pedestrians, people on bicycles, and people on motorcycles can all be seriously injured if they are hit by a vehicle. For one couple that was making a biking trek across the country, disaster struck in Texas when the female was hit by a pickup truck.