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Man dies of flu after being told he had bronchitis

A 41-year-old Texas man passed away unexpectedly after being misdiagnosed during multiple hospital visits. Although doctors diagnosed him with bronchitis, a medical examiner determined that the man died as a result of influenza and pneumonia. He is survived by a wife and six children and had been planning on becoming a minister.

According to his family, the man started to become ill on Dec. 24. After visiting the hospital on Christmas, the man was told that his cough and fever were symptoms of bronchitis. Several days later, the man went to the doctor again as his symptoms had not gone away. At the doctor's appointment, he was again told that his flue test results were negative.

After taking a nap on New Year's Eve, the man was found dead by his wife. She told a local reporter that the entire family was stunned. The man's wife went on to say that she felt it was crazy for a healthy man with no medical conditions to die while taking a nap. She said that it was scary, and she had already gone to get her flu vaccine the day before the interview. It is unclear whether his family plans to file a wrongful death claim.

It's possible that part of the cause of the man's death was medical negligence surrounding his misdiagnosis. An investigation may determine that the man would have benefited from being tested more than once. After conducting a full investigation into the man's death, an attorney may be able to help the family seek compensation from all of the liable parties.

Source:, "Texas family says father misdiagnosed, died of flu", Marcus Moore, January 09, 2014

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