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Older drivers are less risky on the road than younger ones

Drivers on busy Texas roadways have likely wondered on occasion who, between the very young and the elderly, is a greater threat to their safety. The answer, according to statistics and surveys, is that while both groups can pose risks for themselves and other motorists, younger drivers' maturity and experience limitations make them the more dangerous group with which to share the road.

By virtue of the fact that they have been driving longer, older drivers are more self-aware and limit their own driving when they see that their skills are waning. They may forgo driving at night if their vision is impaired or drive slower and leave more room between them and other cars to make up for their slower reaction time. This is an age group that learned to drive before texting existed, and they are unlikely to incorporate such a practice during a time in their lives when driving has become more difficult than before.

On the contrary, younger drivers may be more impetuous. That, combined with their lack of mental maturity and experience, has led Texas and many other states to adopt graduated licensing programs to make sure that teen drivers have ample supervision during their first forays into the driving world. Unfortunately, some teens age out of these programs before they even apply for their first license and thus miss out on this foundation.

A person who has been injured in a car accident because of a negligent or distracted driver may wish to pursue a claim for damages against the person at fault. These damages can include pain and suffering as well as lost wages. A personal injury attorney may be able to help those filing by negotiating with the proper parties and coming to a favourable settlement.

Source: FOX, "Who's the Safer Driver, Young or Old?", Susan Ladika, November 25, 2013

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