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Houston chain-reaction pileup involves 16 vehicles

According to police, a chain-reaction accident that took place in west Houston began when a driver had a stroke. The pileup included 16 cars and injured six people. The car accident took place on Wirt Road and Westview in front of a church on Dec. 17 around 2:15.

A man driving a camper started crashing into vehicles at the intersection after having a stroke. In all, 16 vehicles were involved in the accident. Two children and four adults suffered injuries in the accident and were transported to area hospitals. Police say that all six, including the stroke victim, are expected to make a full recovery.

When a careless driver causes an accident resulting in injuries, the accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation. The state of Texas is a fault state in regard to accident insurance claims. This means that a victim must prove that another driver was at fault in the accident. In this incident, the driver experienced a sudden medical emergency; therefore, the driver might not be considered at fault in the accident.

If Texas were a no fault state, insurers would be required to pay compensation no matter who was at fault in an accident. However, many insurance policies include personal injury protection. This means that the victim may be able to collect compensation from his or her own insurance policy, but this compensation may not be adequate to cover all accident-related costs.

A Texas personal injury lawyer may be able to explore potential options for collecting compensation on behalf of an accident victim. One potential option might be to pursue compensation in civil court. A jury may evaluate the evidence and determine whether to award a financial settlement to an accident victim.

Source: KHOU, "16 cars involved in chain-reaction wreck in west Houston ", December 17, 2013

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