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December 2013 Archives

Fatal Texas construction accident results in a lawsuit

A Dec. 3 construction accident at Kyle Field is reported to have taken the life of a worker. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's investigation is still ongoing, and in the meantime, the family of the deceased worker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Houston chain-reaction pileup involves 16 vehicles

According to police, a chain-reaction accident that took place in west Houston began when a driver had a stroke. The pileup included 16 cars and injured six people. The car accident took place on Wirt Road and Westview in front of a church on Dec. 17 around 2:15.

Texas teen avoids prison for fatal crash

A Texas teenager avoided prison time when he was sentenced on Dec. 10 for charges stemming from a fatal drunk driving accident, which happened on June 15 just outside Burleson. According to authorities, a 24-year-old woman pulled her broken-down car to the side of the road and was being helped by three Good Samaritans when they were all struck by a Ford F-350 pickup driven by the 16-year-old accused boy.

A construction worker's fatal fall

On Dec. 3, a fatal incident was reported in Texas that indicated that a 25-year-old construction worker lost his life when he fell from a construction site on the north side of the A & M University Kyle Field. The A& M University Kyle Field is the main ground for the university's football games and is going through a reconstruction process.

Older drivers are less risky on the road than younger ones

Drivers on busy Texas roadways have likely wondered on occasion who, between the very young and the elderly, is a greater threat to their safety. The answer, according to statistics and surveys, is that while both groups can pose risks for themselves and other motorists, younger drivers' maturity and experience limitations make them the more dangerous group with which to share the road.