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Texas crash kills 1

On Oct. 31, a woman was driving on FM-1960 in the area surrounding Humble in Harris County when she collided head-on with another vehicle. The force of the initial impact sent her Honda Civic spinning into the path of a pickup truck that was traveling too fast to slow down and avoid a second collision.

According to reports, the car accident occurred before 9:05 p.m. close to the intersection of Moonshine Hill Road. The motorist in the Civic sustained critical injuries, and, after she was taken to the hospital, the woman died. The driver who hit her was also injured, but she was later reported to be in stable condition. The pickup truck was occupied by a married couple, and those two individuals were not harmed during the incident.

Auto accidents often have costs that aren't immediately apparent to the victims. The injured may have difficulty gathering funds for their medical treatments and property repairs, but these expenses are only the beginning of their troubles. Those who can not work while recovering from injuries suffered in an accident could have a hard time with future expenses. If a victim dies, that person's family may face expensive final costs, and, if the deceased was employed, the financial burden may be even greater.

In this case, the family of the woman driving the Civic may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim in civil court against the driver who is found liable. That family may be able to to recover damages related to the accident such as final expenses, lost wages and loss of companionship. If the family decides to hire an attorney to help them with the case, that attorney may be able to represent them in negotiations with the relevant insurance companies, or, if the defendant refuses to settle, the attorney may argue the case in civil court.

Source: KHOU, "Woman killed in head-on crash near Humble", November 01, 2013

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