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Texas soldier dies in car accident

According to authorities, a soldier from Fort Bliss lost control of his vehicle while speeding and crashed into another vehicle. The car accident occurred at approximately 1 p.m. on Sept. 24 in El Paso on Walter Jones Boulevard, a little to the south of Global Reach Drive.

The solider was traveling east on Walther Jones Boulevard when he drove his gray Chevrolet Aveo into oncoming traffic and was T-boned a blue Ford Mustang, according to police. The Aveo's driver was pronounced dead at the scene, and his passenger was critically injured. The Mustang had two occupants, and they were transported to a nearby medical center for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

A critical injury can permanently alter a person's life in an instant. The injured person may be in a hospital or rehabilitation facility for an extended period. During this time, medical and personal bills may accumulate, which may cause financial insecurity for the accident victim.

A Texas personal injury attorney might be able to help an accident victim obtain a comprehensive settlement to pay for lost wages, medical care and other costs associated with the accident. The attorney may handle most aspects of the personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the accident victim, including negotiating with the insurance company. If an adequate settlement is reached, the victim may be spared the stress of a trial.

If not, the attorney may suggest taking the matter to civil court. Using police accident reports and witness testimony, the attorney might be able to build a case for the plaintiff, and, if the argument and evidence are compelling, a jury may rule in favor of the plaintiff and award significant damages.

Source: KFOX, "Fort Bliss soldier killed, 3 others injured in eastside crash", Jamel Valencia, Jesse Martinez, September 24, 2013

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