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Ways to reduce birth injuries in Texas labor and delivery

C-section deliveries are the most commonly performed procedures in the United States. Although rare, sometimes the surgical procedure can injury newborns during the delivery process. However, a new device, called C SAFE, may reduce injuries during C-sections in Texas and around the country.

Many expectant parents may know about the risks of birth injuries such as bone fractures, cerebral palsy or forceps bruising. Although common, a birth injury during a C-section is a laceration or cut. The traditional method of delivering a newborn during a C-section involves using a scalpel to reach him or her. Sometimes obstetricians may cut too deep and cut the newborn while still in the womb. According to an obstetrician, about three percent of fetal lacerations can be severe and amputate fingers or leave permanent scars.

To reduce the chances of fetal lacerations, some doctors are using this new medical device. Instead of using a scalpel, a blunt piece of plastic is used to make the incision. The device is considered safe because doctors turn the blade upward after the initial cut. Thus, there is a reduced chance of cutting the newborn while completing the C-section.

The percentage of C-sections used in the United States is increasing to 33 percent. It is not known how many of those procedures have involved a birth injury. Parents may be able to sue doctors who cause a fetal laceration during a C-section. A medical malpractice lawyer may be able to investigate the facts of the potential claim. He or she may also file a medical malpractice claim on the parents' behalf. If a settlement is not reached, the lawyer may seek to prove how the doctor was negligent during the surgical procedure in court.

Source: Philadelphia CBS Local, "Health: New Way To Reduce Risk Of Injuries At Birth", Stephanie Stahl, June 26, 2013

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