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Texas man pleads not guilty to killing deputy with vehicle

A Texas man has been accused of killing an on-duty Grayson County Sheriff's Deputy. The accident took place in April 2013. The man was allegedly driving drunk when the fatal accident happened.

The driver's vehicle allegedly hit the deputy and killed him. The at-fault driver has been previously convicted of DWI on two separate occasions. He had just been charged with his third DWI and was out on bond when he hit and killed the officer.

The driver is facing a number of charges including intoxication manslaughter, another DWI, and four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is also facing a murder charge and driving without a valid driver's license. The judge who was appointed to hear the case originally was recused because he is the sheriff's son. However, another judge has been appointed to hear the case. The District Attorney has stated that he feels they have a strong case against the alleged drunk driver. He also stated that he hopes to show people the destruction that drunk drivers can cause to others.

Wrongful deaths such as this can wreak havoc on the families who are left without their loved ones. The family of the deceased may not only be faced with grieving, but may also face financial situations due to the car accident. A negligent driver can turn a family's life upside down by their careless driving. A person or family who has suffered a loss from a car accident may experience a host of adverse situations and may not know where to look to for advice. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to instruct them of their options to pursue compensation for their losses.

Source: CBS, "Man accused of killing Grayson Co. deputy pleads not guilty", Allison Harris, July 16, 2013

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