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Texas woman faces murder charges after collision

Authorities recently charged a 21 year-old woman with murder, accident involving injury and death, and evading arrest. The charges stem from a fatal accident in which authorities allege the woman refused to pull over. They initiated the traffic stop after receiving information that the woman was observed shoplifting with two other individuals at a shopping mall and left driving a red Dodge Avenger.

There was one fatality reported and six injuries. There were two other individuals in the vehicle with the woman authorities allege caused the accident, and a woman was travelling three children in the other vehicle. The accident occurred when the fleeing woman ran a traffic light and her vehicle struck the driver's side of the other vehicle. The impact caused the vehicle that was struck to tumble over landing on its hood. A witness claims to have observed the woman charged with murder attempting to flee the scene of the accident. The children received medical attention for critical injuries, and the three surviving adults were treated at the same hospital for minor injuries.

Fatal accidents can impact victims and their families indefinitely. A personal injury attorney could assist with filing charges in civil court for wrongful death and the injuries sustained due to the driver's negligence.

Individuals facing similar circumstances could seek compensation for their pain and suffering. Courts consider awarding compensation for physical and psychological injuries. They might consider giving compensation for loss of income, medical expenses, loss of a loved one, funeral expenses, and loss of benefits. Victims and their families can pursue personal injury cases regardless of the determination made by criminal courts regarding a defendant's guilt. Indigent individuals are not immune to being sued in civil court for their irresponsible actions.

Source: WFAA, "Getaway driver charged in crash that killed woman, injured kids", May 24, 2013

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